Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wip completed, union jack block used to make a zip pouch.

I have finally gotten the hang of constructing a lined zip pouch with proper zip ends to boot. I am bubbling with pride every time I gaze at this finished product. I also used one of my orphan improv blocks for the lining, for that added touch of visual interest. The front exterior is denim and drop cloth canvas and a subway art fabric from ecclectic elements and the back was made with a thrifted wool herringbone, because both fabrics used were a little heavier i did not have to use any interfacing or batting. I did the union jack block a little differently as i appliqued it to the denim by layering it and top-stitching it down, i did this because i believed it would save time, but once you factor in the pressing and turning of all the raw edges, it may have taken longer to do it this way...
At any rate, I will be making another matching bag that can be worn over the shoulder.. It is so exciting to be able to add to my own purse collection without having to go to the mall and purchase anything, I had all of the materials used on hand, because I buy fabric like I used to buy clothes and bags.... I love fabric... I just applied for a job at my local quilt shop, unfortunately the hours they currently have available are not the best, but beggars can't be choosers... So we shall see. There is still one more quilt shop that I just learned of that I am looking forward to visiting and dropping off a resume... wish me luck, I would love to have a job that put me in the midst of all that fabric, heaven....

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Here are a few works in progress, as if i needed to start any more new projects... Scrappy Hexie's can be found in the march/april issue of McCall's quilting, this quilt was designed by Bea Lee. I love that it is scrappy and i have hope after making a half dozen blocks that this will be my first success working with scrap fabric. I believe my success is due to the fact that each block is done in the similar colour way, this is the perfect project to do now and then as, all fabrics can find a home in this quilt design, i was surprised at how quickly the block came together and I had so much fun choosibg the fabrics for each block. Choosing fabric had become a little intimidating for me, so this quilt is giving me back my confidence with colour and for that i am grateful, Thank you Bea.
From now on, i am going to try to pick out a few fabrics, neutral background fabrics and then some fabrics that are similar in colour, like red-orange-pink or blue-greens, then whenever i want to try making a new quilt block i will have my go to fabrics already there and then, eventually i would have a quilt top, instead of what i am currently faced with, a drawer of mis-matching quilt blocks who remain orphans after failing many an audition on the design wall... what will i do with all these poor babies?

Flying geese

I have tested out a couple ways to make flying geese units, now i have found a way that is way more accurate and consistent for me personally and leaves no waste with the exception of dog ears, I am feeling triumphant at last, as i had had a heck of a timectrying to use the flippy corners method and i really hated that half of a full square was wasted. The method i used this time i have seen on pinterest and came across it again in the latest issue of McCall's Quilting, the best of American Quilting march/april 2015 issue..