Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bleacher seat covers

My son just started football, we watched his first game a couple weeks ago and froze our rear ends on the cold steel bleachers. So. I went shopping with visions of  hip, portable seat cushions. I bought some foam and made envelope style pillow covers each with its own handle and my pieced my sons number onto the front panel. I am quite proud of how they turned out. I got to try them out at the following game and for once felt like an organized, on time, got it together kinda parent- This is a rare feeling for me- So I embraced it and enjoyed the game much more while my tush was nice and toasty. Love the wool herringbone- all of the fabrics I happened to use for this project were thrift-ed at different times. I used the same denim for all the numbers- one of which I used the reverse side of the denim as it would not have contrasted enough otherwise- and the same denim for the overlapping envelope backs. I played around with a doodle for the numbers- and discovered that you can piece anything, especially if you keep it simple and keep your lines straight. I broke down each number into a few different parts- you can see where it has been pieced- This could be done the same way with letters too. Our team lost 20 nothing....Better luck next time- They might just make a football fan of me yet. I do not understand the game yet or know the rules, but still found myself standing and cheering uncontrollably at one point- I had fun. My,It is a busy season- as practices 4 nights a week for 3 hrs and then has a practice before the game, making it 5 nights a week in total that he has football. It is the first sport he has shown any interest in. So. We were happy to do it, in spite of the insanity it adds to the week. Good times. Oh summer, I will miss you, It seems you were not with us long enough this year. School starts tomorrow. I am not sure whether to laugh or cry....

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