Thursday, September 18, 2014

Gnome quilt

This quilt was my first attempt at paper piecing, each block took forever, it seemed, then, hence why there are so few. I think i would be a bit faster now that i have the hang of it, oh and there is a card trick block in the center that was pieced normally. What i loved about this from the start was how precise paper piecing is, each block comes out perfect, this appeals to my OCD half (self diagnosed) 😇 and the fact that i was able to produce this quality of work so early in my practice because of the ease of use with this method. The results are encouraging, so if you are feeling diwn and need a little boost, check out a how to paper piece method on youtube before you get started, it really hels me to see something being done first, then to play around with it hands on.

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