Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Here are a few of my flowers that did well this year. I had good luck with some of the bulbs I had planted and less luck with some of the more expensive plants, ie. The Hydrangea's I bought, I have been feeding them the aluminum sulfate to help turn the flowers blue- with no luck, I had few blooms and my leaves have brown dots all over them. This is frustrating. I love Hydrangeas- they will forever remind me of my Grandmother, my husband says they remind him of old lady flowers, I think it is funny how I grow to have more and more regard for my grandmother- or, that is not right- I have always had the highest regard for her, but I recently have more and more in common with her in the last couple of years, I regret that I did not share her interests sooner, while she was still here. My Granny recycled and re-used and up-cycled long before it was cool. My Granny never wasted anything, she knew she would find a use for the blue rubber bands that are wrapped around green onions from the super market. Granny always had home made biscuits and preserves- hot, fresh out of the oven upon our arrival. Granny never turned away an extra dinner guest- she is know for saying  "It's no trouble, I will throw in another spud." I love my Granny and I miss her deeply. I feel her close to me when I am sewing or knitting or making jam, I feel like we share this bit of creative space. I wish I had known how cool my Granny really was sooner.....I wish I had more of a chance to get to know the woman that she was rather than only knowing her for who she was to me- My Granny. It is odd to say, but I feel like I have a little visit with her when I go through the hope chest that belonged to her and her mother before her. I pull out some of the knitting she had on the go, some of the sweaters she had made, or I look at the quilt that is hand embroidered with hundreds of names, hers included and I wonder- What was this quilt made for? What does it commemorate? Are these the names of the people from Tynehead ? Is this a church quilt? My Grannies maiden name is embroidered on the quilt- which leads me to believe it was made before she was married- Which makes it over 83 years old at the least.

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