Thursday, September 18, 2014

Log cabin star bright and feminine

I was playing around with color, it is hard to imagine myself struggling with color concepts as i have always felt myself to have a good eye, and yet this is what i have been most challenged by. In this example, a low contrast palate that i feared was a failure once I had assembled the blocks, i am always riddled with doubts in the middle of most projects and yet again, i am pleasantly surprised with the end result. I like it, and that's what matters, right ?
I learned a lot during this quilt, through taking risks and doing something different, this philosophy does not always work, but today i am very proud of this quilt and it is definitely the finest thing i have produced to date in terms of quality of construction, craftsmanship, and the fact that it appeals to me. It is so nice to feel proud of something that I have made with my own two hands- It has taken quite a while and quite a few quilts to get here. The straight line quilting looks better in person than it does here in this pic- I could not seem to capture all of the lines in one shot. I tried with a flash, without, automatic mode and mode P. Even the pics of the backing that I took did not seem to show it accurately..... I will have to figure it out.....  I probably would not use that big bold print again in this way- this was what I initially did not like, I liked the looks of the individual cabins- once I put the cabins into block formation I saw how this was not going to work, but I had gotten this far- this is my first log cabin quilt after all, because all of the fabrics are so busy- there is so much going on in this quilt it seemed lower contrast up close- the star was at risk of being lost- which is why I highlighted with bits of white, while the border is still a busy fabric it is in neutral colors that somehow seemed to work maybe because it contrasts nicely in its coolness with the heat of the bright colors... Now I realize how important the binding is in framing the quilt- I had planned to keep the binding in a solid gray tone- then changed my mind when I auditioned this CRAZY busy fabric that I bought long ago- on sale, and it had every color in it that is in the quilt- using this print in the binding- and seeing it in a smaller scale- really changes the whole appearance of this particular fabric- I was amazed..... My other lesson that I learned while doing these blocks- If you have some fabrics you do not like- try reversing them- audition the wrong sides of fabric as well- this gem has doubled my fabric stash in one instant...

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