Thursday, September 18, 2014

This quilt did not make the cut for listing in my store- I saw this quilt on pinterest- I loved the color combo and copied it by eye- no pattern, I love the quilt- However, I do not love this quilting design on this block

I would like to try this one again and stick to the original straight line quilting that I saw on the pin., I have since seen this pattern a few times in the current quilting rags, if anyone is interested this is on the grocer store shelves now. I just overlapped squares in each fabric and one fabric I had twice and cut the arc through the square, then pin, pin, pin, I was quite surprised to see that the two pieces can align perfectly and then once you put them right sides together they look impossible to sew together. I suggest laying them out like a puzzle and marking on each piece in a few different places in the curve where each fabric should meet - so that when you put the pieces right sides together you have something to match to ensure you are in fact where you should be- remember to pin the points first then in between these points- do not be frugal with these pins- pin every inch or so- some places more- Ease the fabric- do not straighten and pull the fabric straight through the curves- Rather ease it through and bend around the corners with it. Great tip from quilty- keep your baggy bottom on the bottom as it will ease in easier from the bottom- loose fabric between pins keep on the bottom while sewing. It is amazing how well this works- easily ease in a good inch of difference- which I would have thought impossible. Love the looks of this modern block.

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