Monday, September 15, 2014

Threads Quilt Co.

Hi everyone,
I am starting a new venture and am in the midst of opening my own online shop on etsy called Threads quilt Co. I wanted to call it kararist threads ( my hubby says he is being kararized when i give him a hard time) This is funny because i can be a bit of a terror during my creative process, i usually hunker down and push through in solitude, this is not always possible, as i have him to feed as well as our two kids, they all have to eat, even at inconvenient times, like in the middle of a quilt.. Only because i am so wonderful, do i stop doing what i am doing, sometimes it takes every bit of my strength to then re-focus my energies on dinner..
Anyway, please do not take the above to seriously, just my brand of humor, getting off track... i am opening an etsy shop as i am finally satisfied with the quilts I am producing. I am a bit of a perfectionist and am struggling still with listing some of the things i made earlier, the last two quilt tops i have made, i am really happy with, i am adding borders to those star log cabin block and will be listing those shortly in my shop. Still not sure about some of the others i had in mind, i made quite few table runners while i was practicing free motion quilting, these small quilts could be considered art quilts, i will have to pull some of these items out, i really want to make a good go of this shop, i want to sell good quality items at fair prices. I could really use some advice as to whether i should be listing a few of my items with flaws like a pinched back from the quilting, if the blemish is mentioned and photograph of flaw is shown, and this minor flaw is reflected in the price, or , should i be leaning towards listing fewer items that are more up to my standards... and priced accordinly. Pricing is another thing i find challenging, to put a monetary value on ones artistic creation, this is difficult. I wonder if a quilt appraiser can value a bundle of quilts for a fee, this way i would know they are priced fairly, i dont want to sell myself short, but still have to be competitive, after doing a bit of market research, i am more confused than ever as there are huge differences in price, quality of construction or difficulty of pattern or the materials used do not seem to be what individuals are guaging value of a piece by, but more often asking prices that are way  too low or way too high in my opinion. Maybe somewhere in the middle is where i should start. i would love to hear what some of you might do..Please look through the following pics of the things i am listing and considering listing in my etsy shop. I am hoping that my reluctance to list some of these items due to imperfections is unfounded...... I guess my biggest challenge will be to recognize the value of my own craftmanship... Another Aha moment, as Oprah would say.... thanks for reading, if anyone has indeed read this far 😆

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